Improve your ejaculate and explode with pleasure

Men often associate pleasure with the size of their dong, rock solid erections and their ejaculate. Mostly believe that the bigger a penis is, the firmer the erection is and the massive the load is, sex will be more fun and exciting. But this might not be true in every case. There are men with average sized penis who get firm erections and enjoy intense orgasms which allows them to shoot out massive loads of cum too.

Most guys love filling their partner will this “liquid pleasure” and the more they ejaculate the more relaxed and satisfied they feel. But there are guys who have the biggest dicks and amazing erections but fail to produce cum as per their expectation. And not being able to fulfill your expectations can be heart breaking and embarrassing too. No matter how much inspiration you might get from a porn star, producing high quantity of this whitish liquid depends on your body and its power. HerSolution Gel

  • Things that effect semen production

No matter how masculine you are from the outside, the health of your reproductive system determines the quality and quantity of your load. Guys who are into bad habits, have no physical form of activity and always stress out are the ones who complain most about this problem. When your mind is exhausted, it won’t be able to produce sex hormone as it would normally have which not only weakens your penile tissue but also effects the production of your ejaculate. So for improving the quantity of semen for spraying more fun, it is important for guys to maintain a healthy life style and lead a stress free life.

Here are some quick tips that will not only help you in increasing the production of the ejaculate but improve your overall sexual health so you may get stronger erections and be able to enjoy sex with enhanced sex drive.

  1. Control your temptations and feelings

Guys who are alone usually give in to their temptation of having some fun with their hand. Researchers have proved that men who watch porn on regular basis and practice masturbation are the ones mostly with bad sex life. Your body needs time to re-gain and revive from a sexual act, collect its energy to start producing semen once again and get back on track. Watch porn and masturbating causes you to lose energy and semen at the same time and doing so on daily basis deprives your body the rest it need to produce liquid and improve the quantity. Guys who are looking for increasing the quality and quantity of semen should give up watching porn so that their body can save the liquid for the right moment.

  1. Testosterone boosting supplements

The brain is the major organ which controls the production of sex hormones in the body and so these hormones are responsible for increasing your sexual desires and improving your performances. Men who are unable to produce ejaculate like before should try Volume Pills once and wait for the magic to happen.

Made from natural ingredients, the intelligent formula of Volume Pills targets the brain to increase the production of testosterone in the body which aims at strengthening the penile muscles for better action. The increased levels of sex hormones in the blood will improve the functioning of the reproductive system and so your body will be able to produce better quantity and quality of semen.

  1. Exercises for strengthening muscles

There are simple exercises for strengthening the penile muscles for better performance. How can these be done? When in shower, watch your favorite dirty movie and masturbate for enjoyment and when it is time to release, hold the head of the penis and stop yourself from ejaculating. This is the best exercise to improve the production of ejaculate and give power to the penile muscles so next time when you’re in the moment of reaching climax, you’ll be able to shoot out with more intensity for fun and enjoyment.

  1. Healthy eating habits

It is important for guys to eat right to maintain their sexual health. give up on junk foods and include fruits and vegetables in your diet which will not only help you in keeping fit, but will fill you with energy to last longer in bed and aid in increasing the production of ejaculate.

  • Conclusion

Taking steroids for quick results is not wise. There are many products and methods that can give you quick results but most of them have side effects which can harm your health in the long run. But Volume Pills is one supplement that fulfills your desire of increasing the ejaculate and revitalizes you so that you can perform like a true man behind closed doors and satisfy your lady.